“The Colin Higgins Foundation gave GLSEN its first grant when we “went national” in 1995, helping us to bring on paid staff for the first time.  Their willingness to take a risk on us paid off as GLSEN grew into a national force supporting literally thousands of Gay-Straight Alliances and other school-based programs nationwide.  We couldn’t have made it without them.”

-KEVIN Jennings, Founder of GLSEN 


“Years ago when The Trevor Project was just the spark of an idea, the Colin Higgins Foundation was the first to step forward and generously offer the seed money to create the only national crisis-intervention and suicide-prevention Lifeline for LGBT and Questioning youth. Since then, The Trevor Project has saved countless young lives and continues to create an environment in which young people are encouraged to reach out and ask for help.  We at The Trevor Project are infinitely grateful for the support of The Colin Higgins Foundation. Without the foundation’s initial investment in Trevor, our life-saving, life-affirming work may not have been possible” 

James Lecesne,Co-founder of The Trevor Project


We are deeply appreciative that the Colin Higgins Foundation has recognized and responded to the exceptionally difficult challenges that we face doing LGBTQ work here in the South. CAR is an LGBTQ centric organization based in Little Rock, AR.  One of our programs in particular – DYSC, Diverse Youth for Social Change exemplifies the struggles and the joys of what we do.  LGBTQ youth and young adults are especially vulnerable; affected by school push-out, family and school based bullying and uncertain futures. This six year old program for LGBTQ and ally youth ages 13-22 provides not only a safe space, but support from mentors and peers. At the same time these young people are growing in their own capacity, gaining an intersectional social justice analysis and personal life skills. The Colin Higgins Foundation has been a wonderful part of our success story! The Foundation’s investment in our LGBTQ youth program in its fledgling years and the subsequent periodical support has been an essential contribution to this organization and the DYSC program’s survival and growth! 

-Randi Romo, CAR